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Hydrogen Fueling for Buses

Buses primarily operate internal combustion engines and are a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions.  Transit agencies around the world are moving toward low and no emission technologies to reduce the greenhouse gases associated with these buses.  Hydrogen fuel cell bus technology is maturing and deployments around the world are increasing.  Air Products is supplying hydrogen and fueling stations to support these commercialization efforts in multiple locations around the world.

Benefits of hydrogen fuel cell buses


Non-polluting, zero emissions

Passenger and Driver Comfort

Quiet operation, no vibration and a smooth driving experience

High Energy Efficiency

Fuel cells are up to three times more efficient than internal combustion engines

Quick Refuel Times

In three to five minutes with enough fuel to go 200-300 miles

Reduced Oil Dependence

Hydrogen can be made from renewable resources

Choose Air Products' SmartFuel hydrogen solutions for:


Multi-faceted approach to ensuring uninterrupted performance of our fueling stations.

Product Supply

One of world's largest hydrogen producers with the ability to deliver hydrogen or install onsite hydrogen production.

Integrated Hydrogen Fueling Stations

Turnkey hydrogen fueling stations with Air Products proprietary technologies.

Project Execution

Experienced project engineers with a focus on safety and speed of execution.

Pilot Program Support

Unique portable fueling stations for short-term testing and evaluation.


Safety is Air Products number one priority and incorporated into all aspects of our products.

Interested in hydrogen fueling for buses?

Talk to our experts about SmartFuel hydrogen and fueling stations for mass transit. We can meet your needs no matter what your fueling requirements are.

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Transport for London

Hydrogen Bus Project, bringing hydrogen to London’s streets
Transport for London - Hydrogen bus project

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