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Air Products joint venture with Lu'An


Proven Technologies and Expertise

We have a wide range of capabilities, industry leading gasification technologies, and operational expertise to process a full range of feedstocks.

Solid Hydrocarbons

High reliability and high efficiency gasification for solid hydrocarbon feedstocks, such as coal, petcoke and biomass, with a more than 20-year track record of world-class plants for coal to chemicals, synthetic fuels or power.

Liquid Hydrocarbons

Cost-efficient, high-value solution for the “bottom of the barrel” material in a refinery complex, adding extra value and profit to the refinery as the world transitions away from high-sulfur fuel oil.

Gaseous Hydrocarbons

World-class, high-efficiency steam methane reforming plants providing syngas and/or hydrogen from a modest 1000 scf/d to a large-scale 100MM scf/d for de-sulfuring and upgrading fuels or providing hydrogen for fuel-cell vehicles.

Delivering Operational Excellence for Mega-project in China

When Lu'an, a leading clean energy company in China, needed a partner for their world-scale gasification project in Changzhi City, Shanxi Province, China, they turned to us. The mega-project, involving four large air separation units, four gasifiers and two syngas clean-up systems, supports one of China's landmark clean energy demonstration projects. 

The four ASUs built by Air Products combine to supply over 10,000 tons per day (TPD) of oxygen and more than 6,000 TPD of nitrogen to the Changzhi site. The gasifiers, which are four of the largest and most efficient in the world, employ Air Products' gasification technology for converting coal to chemicals. Each gasifier converts ~3,000 TPD of coal into synthesis gas that is further purified and converted into clean transportation fuels by Lu'an. 

The Air Products team brought the gasification plant up to stable operation in record time, further establishing our engineering expertise and operational excellence as the world's premier gasification company.

Gasification Projects

Air Products is a premier provider of turnkey solutions to convert hydrocarbon feedstock into synthesis gas for high-value products. Our proven gasification technologies take a full range of lower-value feedstocks and convert them in a lower-emission manner into syngas, which is then used to make higher-value products.

Saudi Aramco, Jazan Economic City, Saudi Arabia
Lu'An Clean Energy Company, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province, China
Jiutai New Material Co. Ltd, Hohhot, China
Debang Group, Xuwei National Petrochemical Park, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, China

Milestone Achievements at the World's Largest Industrial Gas Complex

We have earned a reputation for successfully executing the engineering, building, owning and operating of large-scale projects for customers around the world. Topping this list of mega-projects is the world's largest industrial gas complex serving the world's largest company, Saudi Aramco.

Located in Jazan, Saudi Arabia, the facility supplies 20,000 tons per day (TPD) of oxygen and 55,000 TPD of nitrogen to Saudi Aramco's refinery and Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle. Despite a challenging environment and the massive engineering effort requiring cooperation from Air Products teams around the world, the project was completed on time and reached mechanical completion without a lost time injury in 25 million worker hours.