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From industry-leading 300 bar manifolded cylinder packs to portable lightweight canisters for site work

A significant proportion of industrial gases are sold in cylinders, sometimes referred to as bottles. For the most part, these are high-pressure vessels of varying sizes and capacities containing gas in a liquid, dissolved or a compressed state. Regulated by European legislation, industrial gas cylinders need to be retested on a periodic basis and need to be shipped in conformity with the European transport legislation, ADR.

The gas content is identified by the label on the cylinder. The hazard property of the gas is identified by the painted shoulder, or top section, of the cylinder. This follows the European Standard (EN 1089-3), ensuring common safety standards within the gas industry.

Air Products provides a full range of packages for your gas requirements including many innovative cylinder solutions to enhance your safety and productivity. We offer portable lightweight canisters through to large volume 300 bar manifolded cylinder packs for welding, cutting, food and beverage, pharma, medical, balloon, gas detection, laboratory and many other markets.

Air Products' Extensive Range of Cylinders to Meet Every Need

High Pressure Standard Cylinders

Large range of cylinders to best meet your needs

300 Bar Integra® Cylinders with Integrated Regulators

Our innovation for safer welding, cutting and brazing

BIP® Cylinder Technology

For the ultimate in gas purity

Freshline® Food Grade Cylinders

Pure gases and gas mixtures to help you with your food and beverages needs

Lightweight Portable Cylinders

Easy-to-carry cylinders for your balloon party or for your onsite welding

Medical Oxygen Cylinders

Equipped with industry-leading integrated valve and flow control. Safe and easy to use

Large Volume Cylinder Packs

An ideal choice for customer requiring large quantity of high pressure gas

Portable Lightweight Canisters

Aluminium non-refillable cylinders, ideal for site use of calibration gas mixtures and test gases

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“How can I identify my cylinder?”
It is very important to check the gas in the cylinder by reading the label before opening the valve. Please read the explanatory document attached.

State-of-the-Art Automated Container Tracking System

MyAirProducts Container Tracking Application

  • Scan and check your inventory on your mobile device with our app
  • Manage your reports on the MyAirProducts website
  • Scan containers and change Points of Use or status
  • Find specific container details like Batch Number, Shelf Life and Movement History
  • Work offline and synchronise to account when online connection is available
  • Locate containers easily. Search by material code, batch code or cylinder number
  • Control your stock by points of use, material or status
  • Transfer containers between different delivery locations

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300 Bar Integra® Cylinders with Integrated Regulators

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BIP® Cylinder Technology

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