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40か国以上で2,200以上のプラントを設計、構築、および保守してきたAir Productsの経験を活用して、機器販売およびプラントサポートチームは、プラントを最高の状態で稼働させる方法を知っています。当社の専門知識は、お客様が所有するあらゆる施設に適用できます。




Services We Provide

Operation and Maintenance Packages

Our experienced team of operators can provide ongoing operational or emergency support.  We also provide maintenance of air separation, liquefied natural gas, hydrogen recovery, helium recovery and hydrocarbon processing facilities.

Customized Technical Services Packages

Air Products customized Technical Services Packages are designed to give your people the engineering and operational support they need to run your plant safely and reliably.

Cold Box Design and Repair

Our innovative teams of engineers, technicians, and welders are here to facilitate the inspection, troubleshooting, repair, or upgrade of your cold box resulting in cost savings and reduced downtime.

Control System Upgrades and Support

We offer a wide range of services and support, from upgrading obsolete legacy systems to configuring systems for plant expansion providing higher levels of automation and better system integration of plant and process data.

Operator Training

Whether you need to train new operators or give existing staff an opportunity to refresh and update their skills, Air Products experienced staff can provide the knowledge they need.

Digital Optimization

Air Products’ cutting-edge digital platform, ProcessMD, proactively monitors your plant conditions enabling you to improve efficiencies using data driven decisions.

Plant Assessments

Air Products professionally conducted plant assessments will guide your plant’s future strategy for improvements

Turbomachinery Expander

Rotoflow, an Air Products owned business, specializes in high-pressure turbo-expanders for industrial gas, hydrocarbon, and energy recovery applications, delivering world-class efficiency, high reliability, and low cost.

Turbomachinery Plug In

For critical operations, we provide spare part recommendations and offer spare expander plug-ins to minimize downtime, facilitate easy installation, and ensure reliable restarts.


デジタルIIoTサービスでデータのロックを解除し、資産を最大限に活用してください。 Air ProductsのProcessMDおよびMPC製品は、高度なデータ監視と分析を提供し、サイバーセキュリティ標準に準拠します。 ProcessMDは、プロセスと機器の知識を活用して、計画外の停止を最小限に抑え、プロセスの信頼性を最大化し、効率を向上させるための貴重な洞察をオペレーターとエンジニアに提供します。 MPCオファリングは、設定した最適な設定値に基づいてプラントを自動的に調整することにより、操作を支援します。