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Medical Gases

Air Products main objective in the Medical market is to offer solutions that meet or exceed the requirements of healthcare providers and their patients. As an organisation we are committed to delivering the best possible service, each and every day that enables you to focus on the wellbeing of your patients.


Our local teams have extensive knowledge of the medical arena, this combined with our global knowledge and expertise that has been built up over many years experience ensures you are supplied with the most suitable pure or gas mixture for your medical treatment.

We understand that gases used in medical applications to prevent, diagnose, treat, alleviate or cure diseases, ailments or injuries have to comply with strict regulations in each of the countries we operate in. All of our medicinal gases comply to these regulations.

Air Products Medical Gases Expertise

Air Products can supply pure gases in two different modes of supply, from the small portable 2 litre cylinder up to large liquid bulk tanks. This range includes: oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, medical air and helium. For medical gas mixtures Air Products has the capability to supply into a wide range of therapeutic, respiratory, cardiovascular and anaesthesia treatments and analysis mixture types used in:

  • Blood gas
  • Lung diffusion
  • Oxygen mixtures – nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide
  • Aerobic and anaerobic mixtures
  • Ethylene oxide thylene oxide
  • Helium oxygen mixtures

With such an extensive portfolio of gases our expertise makes us the supplier of choice in the healthcare market.

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