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PRISM® 低温酸素プラントおよびサービス

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プリズム®極低温酸素プラントは、費用対効果が高く、信頼性の高いガス状酸素の生産と、いくつかの要件に対応する窒素とアルゴンを提供します。 これらのプラントは、鉄鋼やガラスなどの産業における要求の厳しいアプリケーションに対応するために、必要なバックアップ システム、製品保管、およびガス供給圧力を考慮して設計することができます。 これらの極低温プラントはPRISM® 世代の製品ラインの中で最大のものですが、標準化された設計とモジュール構成により、重要なプロジェクト要件を満たす応答性の高い配送を提供できます。

新しい酸素または二重製品プラント、または既存の顧客所有の極低温プラントのサービスおよびサポートによる長期的なガス供給を求めるかどうかにかかわらず、現地で利用可能なオンサイトスペシャリストのAir Productsグローバルチームがお客様と協力して要件を評価します。最適な産業用ガス供給ソリューションと資産の耐用年数にわたるサポートを提供します。

PRISM® 低温酸素発生器のデータシートをダウンロード

Oxygen Plants to Meet Your Needs

Cryogenic plants can be designed to supply primarily oxygen or nitrogen, or to supply both oxygen and nitrogen, with some plant designs also producing argon.

We offer a full range of oxygen supply modes and industry-specific technology for applications in robust gas use industries such as steel, glass, pulp and paper, water treatment and more.

Whether your requirements are for a large cryogenic air separation units or a smaller on-site plant, our systems offer the flexibility of producing liquid product for backup and peak demand requirements

Air Products has designed, built, and sold over 2500 air separation plants globally and owns or operates over 1500 plants in over 50 countries worldwide.

PRISM® Cryogenic Oxygen Plants – From Small to Large Requirements

Unique Industry Experience with Dedicated Applications Focus

Leveraging the experience and understanding from designing, building, and selling over 2500 air separation plants globally and owning or operating over 1500 plants in more than 50 countries worldwide, the Air Products on-site team will help you design the most effective gas supply for your operations

Innovative Technologies for Productivity Gains and Cost Savings

Air Products developed the concept of on-site gas production and has been innovating our proprietary oxygen and integrated applications technology for more than 75 years, enabling customers to improve productivity, reduce energy consumption and emissions, and deliver cost savings

Combustion Lab

Assess performance in a controlled environment and utilize remote video imaging

Operator Training for Customer-Owned Air Separation Plants

If you need help handling the day-to-day operations of your plant or periodic help with maintenance, you can turn to Air Products to help train your operators and get the most out of your industrial gas plant

Industrial Gases and Advanced Technology for Non-ferrous Metals, Mining and Refining Facilities

"Air Products is a reliable supplier of industrial gases, and their product helps us maximize the efficiency of our operations. Their customer-focused approach and technical support were key in optimizing the oxygen system for our process. We look forward to continuing to work with Air Products in the future."

Alain Thibault, Metallurgist, Osisko Mining Corporation

Interested in on-site gas generation, plants, and services?

Air Products PRISM® generators and on-site plants offer solutions for cost-effective, efficient, dedicated on-site supply of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and argon with added services and support for customer-owned plants.

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