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PRISM® VSAシステム — オンサイト酸素製造用の真空スイング吸着プラント

オンデマンド。 最高の効率。 統合ソリューション。

Air Productsは、75年以上にわたり、ガラス、非鉄金属および鉄鋼、セメント、パルプおよび紙、水処理、精製所、再生可能エネルギーなどの堅固な業界の顧客のオンサイト酸素生成ニーズに応えてきました。 PRISM® VSA酸素プラントは、幅広い流量要件を満たす信頼性の高い酸素供給を提供し、全体的なコスト削減で信頼性の高い酸素供給を提供します。

モジュラー設計により、設置とメンテナンスが容易になり、標準機能により、産業施設や地方自治体の施設に簡単かつ直接統合できます。 独自の技術により、効率が最大化され、エネルギー消費が大幅に削減され、酸素分子の全体的なコストが削減されます。

技術専門家がお客様と協力して、お客様のニーズに最適なシステムを設計し、長期のガス供給契約に基づく場合でも、設備販売契約に基づくプラント サービスおよびテクニカル サポートの場合でも、お客様のガス ニーズの生涯にわたって継続的に協力します。

PRISM® 酸素VSAシステムのパンフレットをダウンロード

How Does a VSA Work?

Uninterrupted consistent oxygen flow to your application
Download PRISM® VSA Oxygen Generators—T Series data sheet

Proven Technology and Flexible Solutions Provide Tailored Systems

Proprietary technology and compact design enables on-site oxygen supply at smaller volumes and for capacities as large as 300 tons per day

Integrated Systems for High Reliability and Cost-Efficient Oxygen Supply

Fully integrated on-site production and liquid backup system ensures 24x7 supply reliability at an overall cost savings compared to other supply modes

Flexible Operating Patterns Deliver Efficiency and Safety

With 24/7 remote monitoring and turndown controls, PRISM VSAs are designed to meet a range of production needs, providing operating cost savings and ensuring safe performance at your site

Compact Footprint and Modular Design for Easy Integration and Maintenance

A skidded design and standard components of Air Products' VSA plants simplifies installation by reducing the footprint needed for oxygen supply and allows for fast and easy integration to customer operation

Commercial Options for On-site Oxygen Production

Whether Air Products owns and operates the VSA under a sale-of-gas contract or you are looking for a range of services for a customer-owned oxygen plant, Air Products listens to your requirements and delivers the optimal solution

Dedicated On-site Specialists, Operators & Technicians, and Support Staff

From system design and installation to ongoing support and gas analytics, Air Products global team of local on-sites experts provides 24x7x365 world-class customer service

Plant Assessments and Audits for Customer-Owned Plants

Our sweat. Your equity.  Let our Plant Services and Support staff audit your gas plant to provide cost-saving solutions for enhancing operational performance and prolonging equipment life

Strategies for Spare Parts Management Under Sale-of-Equipment Agreements

Save time and money at your customer-owned gas plant. Let Air Products be your on-stop shop for spared part solutions and 24x7 support through maintenance turnarounds

Interested in on-site gas generation, plants, and services?

Air Products PRISM® generators and on-site plants offer solutions for cost-effective, efficient, dedicated on-site supply of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and argon with added services and support for customer-owned plants.

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