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Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Hydrogen Purification

With over 40 years of experience and over 200 units installed worldwide, Air Products is a world-class supplier in Pressure Swing Adsorption systems. High-purity hydrogen is produced from syngas and off-gas streams using adsorbents tailored for removing multiple impurities in one process step at ambient temperature. We pride ourselves in our demonstrated PSA system reliability.  Air Products' operating experience for PSA systems used in our large plants average >99.9% onstream.

Air Products conducts research into new adsorption technologies, including improved cycles, new materials for adsorbents and valves, and advanced control methods. High performance is achieved by simulating the adsorption and regeneration cycles and selecting the mix of adsorbents to meet each customer’s unique needs. Feed streams include steam methane reformers SYNGAS, chemical plant off-gas streams, HYCO Plant CO cold box H2, and refinery off-gas streams.

Typical flow ranges for PSA feed gas can range from 1000 Nm^3/hr to over 120,000 Nm^3/hr.  
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Benefits of Hydrogen Pressure Swing Adsorption

Ability to produce ultra-high purity (99.9 to 99.999%) Hydrogen H2 with high recovery rates. Standard process modules designs deliver ease of construction, reduced schedule risk, and ultimately lower project costs.

Safe, reliable and guaranteed system performance.

PSA systems that perform the intended separation with the use of commercially proven adsorbents with the ability to remove multiple impurities such as hydrogen sulfide, hydrocarbons, carbon oxides, and water from crude H2 feed streams.

Experienced project teams with the know-how for executing the PSA project scope on-time, and the understanding of project activities for integration of the PSA system with other plant equipment (compression, product H2 supply systems, fuel systems), communications with plant control systems, HAZOP reviews, and the supply of advisory services for construction and plant start-up.