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Dry Vapour Shippers

Liquid nitrogen cryogenic vapour shipper

MVE CryoShippers are designed for the safe transportation of biological samples at cryogenic (-150 °C or colder) temperatures. They charge with liquid nitrogen in under two hours, allowing for same-day vapour shipping.

A protective shipping carton is available for all models. These containers may be used to ship your samples with a non-hazardous classification throughout the world, thus reducing costs and helping to assure sample viability.

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Charges with Liquid Nitrogen in Fewer than Two Hours

MVE CryoShipper series utilises an advanced QWick Charge material that charges with liquid nitrogen in fewer than two hours, providing the capacity for same-day vapour shipping. Manufactured from durable, lightweight aluminum, the CryoShipper series employs a hydrophobic compound that absorbs the liquid nitrogen to ensure dry, spill-free vapor-phase shipping.

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"How long does it take to charge a vapour shipper?"
MVE CryoShipper Series utilizes an advanced QWick Charge material that charges with liquid nitrogen in fewer than two hours.

Liquid Nitrogen

Nitrogen is valued both as a gas for its inert properties and a liquid for cooling and freezing. Our experienced applications team can use their knowledge of your industry and application to provide you with a supply and technology solution to meet your unique needs.
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CryoEase® マイクロバルク ソリューション

CryoEase® マイクロバルク技術は、現場でガスを充填することで供給される最新のコンセプトです。従来の少量使用法では、空のボンベやデュワーにフル交換してガスを供給します。 CryoEase® マイクロバルク供給は、統合された制御と柔軟な貯蔵タンクオプションを備えた特別に設計されたトラックを特徴としています。 最終用途は、現場に設置されたブレンダーを介して、純粋なガス、極低温の液体、またはガス混合物として提供できます。