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Gouging is a method for removing material in connection with welding or casting. A distinction is made between thermal and mechanical gouging methods. The thermal methods are generally faster than the Thermal gouging is an essential part of welding fabrication. Used for rapid removal of unwanted metal, the material is locally heated and molten metal ejected - usually by blowing it away. Normal oxy-fuel gas or arc processes can be used to produce rapid melting and metal removal.

Gouging operations can be carried out using the following thermal processes:

  • Oxy-fuel process
  • Plasma arc
  • Manual metal arc (MMA)
  • Air carbon arc

Flame or Oxy-fuel Gouging

Flame gouging is a variant of conventional oxy-fuel gas welding. Oxygen and a fuel gas are used to produce a high temperature flame for melting the steel. When gouging, the steel is locally heated to a temperature above the 'ignition' temperature (typically 900°C) and a jet of oxygen is used to melt the metal - a chemical reaction between pure oxygen and hot metal. This jet is also used to blow away molten metal and slag. It should be noted that compared with oxy-fuel cutting, slag is not blown through the material, but remains on the top surface of the work piece. The gouging nozzle is designed to supply a relatively large volume of oxygen through the gouging jet. In oxy-fuel gouging, equal quantities of oxygen and acetylene are used to set a near-neutral preheating flame. The oxygen jet flow rate determines the depth and width of the gouge.

Plasma Arc Gouging

The use of the plasma arc as a gouging tool dates back to the 1960s when the process was developed for welding. Compared with the alternative oxy-fuel and manual metal arc gouging techniques, plasma arc has a needle-like jet which can produce a very precise groove, suitable for application on almost all ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Plasma gas can be argon, helium, argon/hydrogen, nitrogen, or air.

Manual Metal Arc and Air Carbon Arc Gouging

In these processes an electrical arc is generated to melt the material. Other techniques like special electrodes or a jet of compressed air are used to blow away the molten material. No specific high purity or compressed gases are needed in these processes.

Ask the Expert

John Dwyer

Microbulk Applications Engineer, North America

“I use high-pressure gas cylinders and am concerned about safety. Is there a better way?”
Traditionally, high-pressure gas cylinders have been the supply mode for users in the low to medium volume range. Air Products CryoEase® microbulk service consolidates your gas supply to a centralized system eliminating the need to handle cylinders and ensures the right gas is delivered to your use point. Further benefits of the CryoEase® microbulk service include decreased exposure to high-pressure containers and reduced traffic congestion with less frequent supplier deliveries. Air Products developed the microbulk supply option as a cost-effective, reliable alternative to high-pressure cylinders for nitrogen, argon, oxygen and carbon dioxide supply. In addition to efficient and flexible storage systems, innovative piping solutions are available to help you have a smooth transition from cylinders to microbulk.

CryoEase® マイクロバルク ソリューション

CryoEase® マイクロバルク技術は、現場でガスを充填することで供給される最新のコンセプトです。従来の少量使用法では、空のボンベやデュワーにフル交換してガスを供給します。 CryoEase® マイクロバルク供給は、統合された制御と柔軟な貯蔵タンクオプションを備えた特別に設計されたトラックを特徴としています。 最終用途は、現場に設置されたブレンダーを介して、純粋なガス、極低温の液体、またはガス混合物として提供できます。

CryoEase® Microbulkソリューション – ガス供給をシンプルに

専用の配送車で定期的に補給するコンパクトな現場用極低温タンクです。 Air ProductsのCryoEase ®マイクロバルク サービスは、少量の酸素および窒素ユーザーに大量供給の利点を提供します。

  • 時間を節約 – シリンダーの取り扱いや交換が不要
  • スペースを節約 – タンクは便利な場所に配置できるため、貴重な床スペースを節約できます
  • 安心 – 当社のガス管理システムは定期配送のスケジュールを自動的に設定し、注文を追跡したり、配送を待ったりする手間を省きます。

二酸化炭素排出量の少ない安定した信頼性の高い供給 — Air Productsが注文計画、フルフィルメント、配送を担当するため、企業へのガス配送の回数を減らすことができます。

CryoEase® サービスのパンフレットをダウンロード

Industrial Gas Audits and Leak Detection Services

Audits and leak detection services can be comprehensive assessments of the entire gas supply system, or specific to gas or process equipment that use the gas.
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Air Products gases, typically provided in gaseous and liquid form, enable customers in a wide range of industries to improve their environmental performance, product quality, and productivity.


Compressed argon gas and liquid argon in a variety of purities and in various modes of supply around the world thanks to our network of storage and transfill facilities.


An inert gas for cryogenic, heat transfer, shielding, leak detection, analytical and lifting applications


Valued for its reactive and protective properties, and used by many industries such as electronics, foods, glass, chemicals, refining and more can benefit from its unique properties to improve quality, optimize performance and reduce costs.


Useful as a gas, for its inert properties, and as a liquid for cooling and freezing. Virtually any industry can benefit from its unique properties to improve yields, optimize performance and make operations safer.


In addition to its use as a respiratory gas for healthcare applications, its strong oxidizing properties benefit many industries by improving yields, optimizing performance, lowering costs and reducing carbon footprint compared to other fuels.

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