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Inerting atmospheres in metals and materials processing manufacture refers to non-reactive gases or gas mixtures, that minimize undesirable reactions with oxygen during the process and allow non-oxidative reactions to occur.

Typical inert gases are nitrogen, argon and helium, although for processes involving reactive metals like titanium, aluminum or magnesium, only argon or helium can be used. Inert gases also provide an important safety benefit for flammable atmospheres by purging oxygen from the furnace at the beginning of the process and eliminating opportunities for explosion.

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Inerting Expertise and Solutions

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Full range of gas supply options and technical services

Full range of nitrogen, argon, and helium supply options and technical services for small and large inerting processes

Optimized gas use and improved product quality

Our applications engineers can work with you to understand your inerting process and recommend improvements

Product supply for small and large operations

To determine if liquid or on-site generation suits your needs, we consider your usage pattern, flowrate, pressure, and purity

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Don Bowe

Applications Engineer

“Which nitrogen supply makes sense—on-site generation or liquid delivery?”
If your operation uses nitrogen, you may wonder when on-site generation makes sense instead of liquid delivery. Here’s some information to help you understand if on-site nitrogen generation may be the supply mode for you. The appropriateness of on-site gas generation depends on many factors—nitrogen flow and purity are the most important ones. Flows with a steady or sufficient baseline rate can be great fits for on-sites. Periodic or erratic flow patterns can also be appropriate if there is a suitable baseline flow or the volumes, pressure and purity are sufficient to allow gas storage that covers peak flows. Also, the lower the purity requirement, the greater the fit (although high purity is okay at higher volumes). Other factors you should consider include local power cost and the pressure that’s required. There are no firm rules defining when you should switch from delivery to an on-site system. However, with our extensive experience in on-site technologies and gas delivery, we can help you determine your optimal supply mode.


Air Products gases, typically provided in gaseous and liquid form, enable customers in a wide range of industries to improve their environmental performance, product quality, and productivity.


Compressed argon gas and liquid argon in a variety of purities and in various modes of supply around the world thanks to our network of storage and transfill facilities.


An inert gas for cryogenic, heat transfer, shielding, leak detection, analytical and lifting applications


Useful as a gas, for its inert properties, and as a liquid for cooling and freezing. Virtually any industry can benefit from its unique properties to improve yields, optimize performance and make operations safer.

Industrial Gas Audits and Leak Detection Services

Audits and leak detection services can be comprehensive assessments of the entire gas supply system, or specific to gas or process equipment that use the gas.

TELALERT® telemetry system

TELALERT® telemetry remote monitoring system provides timely and accurate inventory data to our logistics center to help forecast deliveries.

Additional Services