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Lifting for Aerospace

Air Products’ helium puts the rise in your lifting needs

Air Products’ helium puts the rise in balloons, aerostats/ blimps, airships, and high-altitude scientific research balloons worldwide. Our helium customers can count on our more than five decades of helium extraction, production, distribution and storage experience. We’ll provide a secure, reliable helium supply to your hanger, deployment field or wherever you need it.
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Industrial Gases from a Global Leader

Reliable and secure supply of industrial gases

Multi-plant network with primary production plants and secondary product sources to maintain reliable supply

Excellent record of meeting on-time needs

24/7 Inventory Management Services to create a supply replenishment plan based on your current and future production schedule

Industry leader in safety

Nothing is more important to us than the safety and well-being of our operating communities.

Technical support when you need it

Experienced technical teams across the globe can provide supply and technology solutions to meet your unique needs.

World-class customer service

Our approach to customer relationships is based on understanding your needs first

World's leading producer and supplier of helium

World leader supplying liquid and compressed helium in a variety of purities and supply modes.

Air Products Is A World-Leading Helium Supplier

  • Pioneer of many of the helium extraction, production, distribution, and storage technologies still in use today
  • Most diverse helium source mix in the world (LNG, methane and CO₂)
  • Global distribution network using the highest performing storage tanks
  • Helium experts provide world-class service and assistance with a commitment to quality
  • Industry-recognized safety record

Safe Helium Use

If you’re using helium, it’s critical that your employees understand how to handle it safely—yet training can put significant demands on your time. We can help ease the burden by providing on-site safety presentations. Whether you need to train new hires or retrain your staff, we can deliver attention-getting programs. Our practical and concise training can help raise your employees’ awareness of hazards, handling safeguards and best practices to promote a safe and healthy workplace.
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Put our world-class experience to work for you.

Get in touch with one of our technical experts for help designing, engineering, constructing and operating a gas supply system for your specific application.