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Lyophilization / Freeze Drying

Improve performance, reduce costs and optimize your freeze-drying applications

Preserve sensitive, high-value materials and products (such as biologic formulations, vaccines, starter cultures and non-aqueous solvent-based drugs) through freeze drying (lyophilization) by first freezing them with liquid nitrogen, which results in ultra-low temperatures, and then dehydrating them in a vacuum.

This is the best way to preserve materials that cannot withstand oxygen or heat, or materials that lose activity as a liquid – enabling them to remain highly stable in their dehydrated form. Examples include antibiotics, vaccines, blood products, protein, antibodies, enzymes, bacteria, viruses, and fine chemicals.

Liquid nitrogen can be economically and successfully used instead of mechanical refrigeration for lyophilization/pre-freezing, resulting in increased viability and yield. It also helps improve performance and reliability and can involve lower capital investment compared to mechanically based systems.

​What does our Freeze-Drying Technology allow you to do?

Improve Performance

Reduce Costs Compared to Mechanically Cooled Freeze-Drying System

Optimize your Freeze-Drying Applications

Increase Yield

Improve Reliability

Reduce Complexity

Increase Operating Flexibility

Enhance Process Control

Do you need to preserve or store biological materials?

Air Products can help optimize your freeze-drying application, contact us today.