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Gaseous hydrocarbons: Natural gas, ROG via SMR or partial oxidation

Air Products' LaPorte, Texas, facility delivers hydrogen via its extensive pipeline system in the Gulf Coast area.
Air Products’ high-efficiency steam methane reforming or partial oxidation plants produce syngas and/or hydrogen in volumes ranging from 1000 to 175MM standard cubic feet per day. As the world’s leading hydrogen supplier, we have the technologies and experience to develop optimized solutions to improve process efficiency, optimize gas usage, and improve safety. Whether you buy gaseous hydrogen under an on-site agreement or purchase the hydrogen plant, you will join customers in over 40 countries who count on Air Products. www.airproducts.com/h2solutions.

Partial oxidation offers an alternative better suited to GTL applications or for some chemical processes.  The Air Products Syngas Solutions™ (formerly GE) team has designed 35 gas-gasification systems in use globally.

Chemical customers around the world are using Air Products’ (formerly GE) gasification or partial oxidation (POX) technology to convert natural gas or ROG to ammonia. acetic acetyls. oxo-chemicals, polycarbonate. and other useful chemicals and products. Our combination of technical expertise, commercial experience, process and product innovation helps customers realize increased profitability. Benefits include the following:

  • High plant reliability - 99% minimum on-stream time, based on proven commercial plant operations
  • Energy efficiency - waste heat recovery for net production of HP steam
  • Attractive economics - lower capital expenditures than steam methane reforming ISMRI for larger plants
  • Feedstocks flexibility - ability to process refinery off-gas, unsaturated hydrocarbons, and other by-product gases
  • Process flexibility - ability to produce syngas with H2:CO ratio adjustment as low as 0.8:1
  • High methane conversion - greater than 99.5%
  • Low water consumption - lower compared to SMR
  • Turndown capabilities - plant can be designed to turn down 50-60% of capacity without any impact on process performance

Capitalizing on Experience
Air Products has one of the largest installed bases of (GE-licensed) natural gas partial oxidation facilities globally, and as our existing customers look to expand their operations, they turn to Air Products for additional technology to support their growth.
Capitalizing on Experience

Air Products Syngas Solutions™ Partial Oxidation Technology formerly GE Energy's gasification technology