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Partnering Interests

At Air Products, we are committed to developing and deploying best-in-class technologies that keep us and our clients on the leading edge.  We are equally committed to accessing those innovations wherever they may exist—in all corners of the world and across many technical disciplines.  Below are just a few examples currently on our radar screen.

Industrial Gas Technology

(Illustrative Examples)
Steam Methane Reforming
CO₂ Capture and Utilization
Cryogenic Air Separation
Ambient Air Separation
Liquefied Natural Gas
Onsite Gas Generation

Industrial Gas Applications

(Illustrative Examples)
Hydrogen for Mobility
Food Processing
Combustion and Oxy-fuel
Electronics Packaging
Air Quality
Bioenergy Applications
Water and Wastewater Treatment
Waste-to-Renewable Energy
Metals Processing
Chemical Processing
Rare Gas Applications


(Illustrative Examples)
Porous Materials
Reactor Technology
Separations Surface Characterization
Chemical Reaction Applications
Computational Dynamics
Computer Simulation
Flexible Batch Manufacturing

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