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VP & General Manager, Air Products Canada, Rachel Smith, on Why We’re Investing in Alberta

Rachel Smith
The energy transition requires a different approach. We must all think differently and embrace transformational change. This can mean moving away from traditional investments to using modern technologies and innovative designs to achieve broader climate change goals. Great things are happening here, in Alberta, where the province is a leading player in Canada’s energy transition. 

Air Products believes that hydrogen must play a key role in achieving a cleaner energy future. Hydrogen and fuel cell technology will play a central role in decarbonizing heavy-duty vehicles and industry. This journey is already well underway, with buses, trucks, and trains across the globe already being fueled with hydrogen produced, distributed, and supplied by Air Products. 

Air Products is making significant investments in renewable hydrogen projects around the world, including here in Alberta. The province has a unique set of strengths that make investing in hydrogen projects here desirable, including resources, infrastructure, viable geology for carbon capture and permanent storage, and a highly skilled population. 

Our Net-Zero Hydrogen Energy Complex being built in Edmonton, Alberta will make it the center of western Canada’s hydrogen economy and set the stage for Air Products to operate the lowest-carbon-intensity hydrogen network in the world. It will also feature western Canada’s first large-scale hydrogen liquefication facility. The liquid hydrogen produced will be a low-carbon-intensity transportation fuel that can replace diesel fuel in heavy duty transportation markets, as well as other commercial markets, providing significant greenhouse gas reductions across Alberta and western Canada.

We are excited to deliver a true “win-win:” advance Canada’s action on climate change, while creating local jobs and economic opportunity.