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Freshline® Equipment for the Wine Industry

A range of equipment to help you successfully use gases in wine production

We do not just sell food grade gases, we also offer the technology and the equipment to support your different wine production gas related needs. Whichever gas mode of supply or quantities you use, we have the know-how, solutions and technologies to help you.

Injection Lance
To dose gases in must or wine tanks. Stainless steel, no fix installation needed, adjustable length
To carbonate wines with limited amounts of CO2. Can be fully automated: optional automatic gas cylinder switch system
Low Pressure Control Valves
To avoid over-pressure and vacuum conditions during filling and emptying of the wine tanks for example
Carbon Dioxide Diffuser Nozzle
Enables you to produce dry ice (CO2 snow) from a bottle of CO2 with a probe, as well as gaseous CO2 to inert

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