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Large to Mega-scale LNG Plant Processes and Equipment

(>2 Million tons per annum (MTPA))

Air Products’ natural gas liquefaction processes and main cryogenic heat exchangers are the world’s standard for baseload LNG. We provide a complete range of products and services for the successful design, construction, start-up, and operation of your LNG facility including:
  • Feasibility and project development studies
  • Detailed liquefaction process designs
  • Coil-wound heat exchanger design and fabrication
  • Full modularization and pre-dressing capabilities
  • Installation and start-up advisory services
  • Technical support services during plant operations
  • Debottlenecking studies
  • Decarbonization options available
Download Large to Mega-scale LNG Plant Capabilities Data Sheet

Benefits to our customers

Economical Production

LNG production through large/mega train sizes for economies of scale

High Reliability

Proven performance demonstrated by plant onstream records

Improved Operations

Easier start-up to minimize the time to achieve full capacity

Modularization Options

Manage project risks, costs and schedule

The Technology

Natural gas liquefaction technologies for capacity > 2 MTPA include the following processes:

  • AP-C3MR™ (2.0-7.0+ MTPA)
  • AP-DMR™ (2.0-7.0+ MTPA)
  • AP-X® (6.0-11.0+ MTPA)

Port Manatee, Florida Facility

At our Port Manatee facility, Air Products manufactures heat exchangers to support the LNG market. Air Products' heat exchangers produce the majority of the world's LNG to fuel our planet cleanly and sustainably.

The Equipment

Depending on the process used, natural gas liquefaction equipment can include:

  • Coil-wound heat exchangers (CWHEs) for reliable liquefaction
  • Nitrogen economizer heat exchanger cold boxes
  • Proven turbomachinery with high efficiency and robust design
  • Hydraulic turbine equipment designed for improved liquefaction process efficiency
  • Flash exchangers with proven and robust design

The key advantages of Air Products’ C3MR™ and AP-X® liquefaction cycles

Air Products’ technology can provide a world of advantages to your LNG project for greater profitability and success.

The leading LNG technology and equipment provider

Air Products is the premier global LNG technology, equipment, and services provider. Our unique ability to integrate the liquefaction process design and critical liquefaction equipment leads to an optimization of performance, costs, operability and reliability that has become the benchmark of the LNG industry.

Want the best equipment and process technology in the LNG industry?

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