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NitroFASⓇ IWS Technology

Advanced Inert Wave Soldering (IWS) technology can lower the cost of ownership

Our nitrogen inerting technology is a controlled inert atmosphere system that is optimized for your specific lead-free soldering process, whether you have new or existing wave soldering equipment. This technology demonstrates superior performance and is cost-effective and user friendly, which will reduce your cost of ownership through an increase in solder joint quality and a decrease in manufacturing and material costs.


Our NitroFAS® IWS technology can help you to:

  • Reduced oxygen in the soldering atmosphere
  • Improved solder wetting
  • Reduction in solder joint defects such as shorts, icicles...
  • Dramatic reduction in dross formation
  • Enables implementation of no clean flux processes
  • Wider process window and increased uptime

Inert Wave Soldering Technology

Through its efficient use of nitrogen, this new generation technology can enable customers to:

  • Reduce manufacturing and material costs
  • Improve soldering joint quality
  • Reduce key defects and dross formation in day-on-day production
  • Transition to lead-free soldering technology with minimal effort

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