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PolarFit® Batch Freezer

Fast, economic, batch chilling or freezing of pharmaceutical and biotechnology materials

At Air Products we use the unique qualities of liquid nitrogen for fast economic chilling or freezing of pharmaceutical and biotechnology materials. Our PolarFit® batch freezer can help reduce your cooling and freezing time, and can also shorten the overall batch time of your cooling process, whether it is for freezing before lyophilisation of inhalable drugs, therapeutic proteins, nutraceuticals or beyond.

It is a cryogenic refrigeration system that uses liquid nitrogen and consists of an insulated stainless-steel cabinet with custom-designed fans and a liquid nitrogen injection system. Whether you plan in-house product testing, product development, small-scale or full-scale production, we can offer you a PolarFit® batch freezer in various sizes to meet your different batch operating needs.
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The PolarFit® batch freezer enables you to

  • Permanently store eight freezing/chilling product settings and recall them at the touch of a button for ease of use
  • Record the process temperature and steps
  • Vary the freezer’s temperature throughout the timed product settings
  • View process time and batch temperature updates on the easy-to-read alpha-numerical display
  • Use trolleys up to 3.3ft x 1.96ft x 5.9ft (1m x 0.6m x 1.8m)

What are the main benefits of the PolarFit® Batch Freezer?

High Performance


Easy to Use

Uses Liquid Nitrogen for Rapid Cooling

Do you want to reduce your cooling and freezing time?

Our specialists can help you improve your productivity, lower your costs, maximize your returns.

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