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Aluminium and its Alloys

Light and strong

Pure aluminium is a relatively soft, durable, lightweight, ductile and malleable metal. Being resistant to atmospheric corrosion, it is strong at low temperatures. Alloying additions of magnesium and silicon improve its strength and are very common.

Aluminium and its alloys are used extensively in industry including:

  • Aerospace: for the manufacture of fuselages and wings 
  • Automotive: for lightweight engines and bodywork
  • Construction: for roofing materials and window frames.

Alulinx® Plus weld process gas has been specifically designed as the only gas that you need for the high-quality welding of aluminium and its alloys. If you aim for the most exacting standards, you will need a dedicated gas such as Alulinx® Plus. A multipurpose weld process gas, it is specially designed for MIG and TIG welding aluminium and its alloys across all material thickness.

Seeing is believing:

Get expert advice and experience our specialist gases for welding aluminium and its alloys at your site.


Supply Options

Air Products can help you determine the most economical supply option for your particular application and geographic location. Industrial gases are typically provided in gaseous and liquid form through a variety of supply systems.


少量のガス供給のための従来のソリューション。 シリンダーは、10 ~ 50リットルのフル レンジのサイズ、圧力およびガス純度で、幅広いガスおよびガス混合物に対応できます。 従来のシリンダーまたはレギュレーター内蔵の革新的なIntegra® シリンダーからお選びください。

Welding Cutting Gases

A range of gases, technologies and services for metal fabrication, whether you are welding, cutting, thermal spraying, brazing or gouging.

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