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Freshline® SO₂ Equipment for the Wine Industry

A full range of equipment to help you succeed

We do not just sell food grade sulphur dioxide, we also offer the technology and the equipment to support your different wine production related needs. Whatever the quantities of SO₂ you need, we have the know how, solutions and technologies to help you.

Volumetric SO₂ doser for manual use (small quantities). Stainless steel, precise, suitable for both liquid or gaseous SO₂
Automatic and precise SO₂ dispenser-homogenizer for adjustments in the tank. Batch process, injections from 100 to 15,000 grams
Dosiven Plus
Automatic dosing of SO₂ in grape pulp pumps to prevent early fermentation. Capacity: 500–7,000 grams per hour per pump
Dosimatic 2010
Can work both continuously and discontinuously. Possibility to adjust both the quantity to be dosed (from 1 Kg to 1000 Kg) and the flow rate at which it is dosed (from 30 to 200 Kg/h)
Dosing Panel SO₂ Barrel Washing
This panel enables you to adjust the dosing flow of SO₂ in the barrel washing trains replacing the burning of sulfur straws

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