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​Gastrak® Service

Going the extra mile to ensure significant gas savings and improved weld quality

A cost saving solution for all supply modes, Air Products' Gastrak® service is the complete package to reduce gas consumption and improve weld quality.

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​A cost saving solution for all supply modes

By using Gastrak® economisers and by benefitting from follow-up visits from our expert team, we help you to:

  • Identify leaks:
    • gas control equipment, hoses and connectors need to be regularly inspected to ensure they are safe and free from leaks
  • Avoid pre-weld Surge:
    • limit gas waste and porosity from the initial surge of gas at the start of each weld
  • Control excessive flows:
    • weld to the optimum flowrate for each application and so avoid higher gas flow

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Gastrak® Service – Lite

The Gastrak® Service - Lite is ideal for smaller cylinder gas users. Your self-service kit contains everything you need, from selecting the best weld process gas through to installing the Gastrak® economiser.

What’s more, users also have online access to a gas flow report which allows you to print off bespoke reports and set-up a handy reminder when you need to re-check your economiser.

Air Products’ Gastrak® Service

Save money, increase productivity and improve quality. Whether you use single cylinders or have gases piped, the Gastrak® service can help.

  • Reduce costs: By eliminating pre-weld surge and excessive gas flow rates you will use less gas.
  • Improve quality: Consistent use of the optimum gas flow rate improves weld quality and reduces rejects.
  • Easy installation: Gastrak® equipment can be integrated into an existing or new gas pipeline, or can be used with traditional or Integra® cylinders.

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Want to Start Saving?
Gastrak e2 Display

Air Products Gastrak® e² Service

Designed especially for businesses using gas pipelines, the Gastrak® e² service combines the benefits of 'Gastrak® service – Select', with unique Air Products technology to deliver ground-breaking gas savings and enhanced levels of safety.

Our e² technology gives you a revolutionary insight into the gases used in your welding processes.

  • Check leaks on-demand automatically
  • Remotely shut-off of your gas distribution system
  • Check gas quality at multiple locations including each use point

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