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Industrial Gas Audits and Leak Detection Services

Reduce the cost and improve the performance of your metals and materials processing operation

Industrial Gas Audits and Leak Detection Services can often reduce the cost and improve the performance of your metals and materials processing operation. Audits can be as broad or as narrow as required by your facility, from comprehensive assessments of the entire gas supply system and storage tanks, all the way through the piping to the individual use points - to review of the gas flow control, metering, and blending equipment, or the actual furnaces and process equipment that use the gas. Our engineers can inspect, audit, leak check and recommend repairs for your gas system as part of a comprehensive assessment to help enhance safety, reliability and operating performance.
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​The Services We Can Provide Include:

  • Leak checking of piping, components, and equipment
  • Proper sizing of delivery systems, piping, and related equipment
  • Calibration of flow metering and blending devices
  • Monitoring equipment for flow and purity
  • Profiling of furnaces to determine proper gas purity, pressure, and consumption
  • Analysis of actual gas composition being used, especially for blended gases
  • Review of process to optimize flow rates and/or blended gas ratios at various use points
  • Recommendations of different gas compositions and/or improvements to metering or blending equipment
  • Supply and delivery optimizations
  • Our technicians can help you improve the safety and reliability of your gas supply and distribution systems

Ask the Expert

Don Bowe

Applications Engineer

“How do I know if I’m wasting gas due to leaks in my gas piping?”
Gas piping leaks can result from various conditions, including improper thread sealing, missed brazed joints, defective piping, over pressurization, or even vibration and shocks. A pinhole leak can cost you tens of thousands of dollars per year, depending on the size, number and severity of the leak(s). There are many ways to detect leaks; for instance, using soap tests, pressure drop tests, mass spectrometry or thermal conductivity tests. They all have their place; however, they also often come with limitations in precision, speed, difficulty or cost.
Air Products’ leak detection service can identify and repair costly leaks in your piping to help improve your part quality and bottom line.


Whether you are a small heat treat shop or metals fabricator or a large Fortune 500 manufacturing plant, Air Products has performed audits and leak detection services for a wide variety of customers like you. These gas audits can help you improve product quality and increase production as well as yield safety benefits for your operation.

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