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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling Services for Metals Production

Evaluate and investigate ways to increase productivity and reduce costs

In today’s competitive environment, metal producers look for ways to increase yield and profits, improve product quality, and achieve overall process optimization. The trial and error approach to operational changes subjects the production process to great risk and the potential for costly mistakes.

Air Products’ proven modeling capabilities enable you to evaluate and investigate ways to increase productivity and cut costs without this risk. Our modeling studies provide you with quick, validated results and recommendations for a wide range of melting, refining, and processing operations for metal production.

CFD Modeling Can be a Powerful Tool to Assess and Optimize Your Process. Examples include:

  • Identifying cold spots in your furnace and evaluating the effects of various burner technologies and burner locations
  • Identifying hot spots where sensors can be placed to monitor refractory wear
  • Simulating various operating scenarios to determine the optimum combination of process changes using oxy-fuel, oxygen enrichment or gas injection technologies

Case Study

Computational modeling was used to help determine the most appropriate burner technology, optimal burner positions and firing modes for implementation of oxy-fuel in conjunction with a customer's regenerative air-fuel burners to significantly increase production.

Use CFD modeling to evaluate ways to increase productivity and lower costs.

Let our CFD experts demonstrate how modeling your process can help produce the optimal custom-tailored solution for your unique needs.

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