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Customer Services Lab

The supercritical carbon dioxide laboratory

Air Products' supercritical carbon dioxide laboratory helps our customers face the toughest organic solvent challenges.

The laboratory is fully equipped, allowing you to explore the most convenient extraction solution for any application. Our equipment not only facilitates the development of technology, but we can also produce demonstration batches in our pilot plant.

Our scientific researchers explore emerging technologies together with our partners. We have developed procedures to dry aerogels, one of the lightest known materials, micronise chemicals down to the nanoscale or cure concrete in an atmosphere of carbon dioxide for sustainable buildings and infrastructures, among other projects.

We have investigated the best conditions for extracting fats to produce healthier food, removing grease from leather to reduce the environmental impact of tanneries, extracting essential oils for the cosmetic and micronizing dyes and drugs to increase their efficiency.

How can our Laboratory Expertise Support your Business?

  • We support our customers in preparing for future needs while understanding the fundamentals of their process
  • With our analytical equipment we are able to evaluate the trial's performance
  • We are able to operate up to 500 bars and 400ºC

Questions? We've got answers.

Our scientific researchers can explore and develop emerging technologies together with you.