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Inventory Calculations

To report inventory quantities, you may need to convert data from gallons or cubic feet to pounds. Generally, the unit of measure used for cryogenic liquid volume is gallons. Cubic foot is the unit commonly used for gas volume. Delivery quantities may be recorded in FTS. 1 FTS is approximately equal to 1 cubic foot at 70ºF (21ºC) and 1 atm.

To estimate the maximum amount:

Your facility may need to report the greatest amount of product present on any single day during the reporting period. Multiply the maximum storage capacity by appropriate conversion factors. 

        Nitrogen Example: 

                9,000 gallons x 6.747 lbs/gallon = 60,723 pounds

To estimate the average amount:

You may need to gather information. One way to estimate the daily average is to determine the sum of the delivery volumes and divide by number of days. Add the average daily residual inventory volume of the storage vessel. Multiply by appropriate conversion factors to estimate your average in pounds (lbs.) per day.

        Nitrogen Example:

                12,765,840 cft / 365 days x 72.464 lb / 1000 cft = 2534 lb / day

                Convert to gallons 

                34975 cft/day x 72.464lb/1000 cf = 2534 lbs/day

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